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Who we are

   BRASPLAST POLYMERS S/A deals with the procurement and selling of thermoplastic resins and petrochemicals. Since 1995 its members have been fully committed in serving the plastic industry worldwide and devoting its activities to the international polymers market.

   We offer a full range of prime thermoplastic resins, including:


  • PP

  • PVC

  • PET

  • PS

  • others


   Offering plastic resins with competitive prices and payment terms, with an agile and efficient logistic service, we aim to offer complete satisfaction for our clients and suppliers. The close relationship with the worldwide petrochemical producers is the foundation of our reputation as a consistent and reliable partner, with a proven ability to offer a large portfolio of resins in the main markets where we are present.

   Since its foundation, Brasplast Polymers has developed a reliable position as supplier, maximizing value and satisfaction for its customers in price and product availability, especially in Latin America where we have an important market share in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

   Having been present in the petrochemical business for over 20 years, we share a business philosophy that is founded on principles of integrity and professionalism, from which we have developed key worldwide business relationships. 

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